Vexil, custom your lockscreen without respring

Hi everyone, I’m presenting you an upcoming tweak named Vexil.


This tweak is being developed by the russian dev Smartvipere75 (@Smartvipere75). Everyone knows what Winterboard is. You can custom your iDevice with beautiful themes, but sometimes they aren’t compatible with your iDevice and you have to respring to apply the changes.

Here is Vexil useful. This tweak lets you custom your lockscreen as you want with colors you want, right in the settings without any respring and without Winterboard. It’s really useful when the tweaks don’t need any respring so you can test quickliy what you want.

Here are some screenshots :




For the compatibility and the price and the compatibility, it will be paid, but the price isn’t fixed for the moment. For the compatibility, it will work on all iDevices.

Remember, this tweak doesn’t require Winterboard to work.

So we are waiting for this awesome tweak.


MobileTerminal, some commands

You have a jailbroken iDevice and you have MobileTerminal installed on it? So read this post to learn (if you don’t already know what I’ll explain) some things that are important when you use MobileTerminal.




If you want to download it, you can download here.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can put it in the autoinstall folder of Cydia or put it in a random folder and install it via iFile (if you have it).

Now you’re ready to use MobileTerminal. The first thing to do is to change the root password. So type :

suΒ  orΒ  su root

Then, type the default password : alpine (you won’t see what you type, it’s normal).

To change this password, type passwd . Now type your new password and you have to retype it. Now you’ve changed it.

We will see some commands.

killall Terminal : it closes the Terminal app.
killall SpringBoard or respring : it does a respring.
reboot : it does a reboot.
help : it shows you some help.
dir : it lists the directory files.
cd or cd ~ : it goes to the home directory.
cd /directory name : it goes to the directory name you type.
apt-get update : it updates the Cydia packages (like in Cydia).
apt-get upgrade cydia : it installs any upgrade that is availible for you packages on Cydia.
apt-get install cydia : it installs the latest version of Cydia if it isn’t installed.
apt-get autoclean : it cleans up files if it’s needed.
apt-get autoremove : it removes unused or broken files.
apt-get -fix-missing : it checks if there’s some files missing and it fixes it.
dpkg -list>packages.txt : it creates a list of the installed packages in Cydia.
dpkg -i packageID : it installs .deb files (you have to change packageID with the name of the package you have).
dpkg -r pacakgeID : it uninstalls a .deb file installed (you have to change packageID with the name of the package you want to uninstall).

I will make at least one other post about MobileTerminal as soon as possible πŸ™‚ .

ActiSearch, search in Cydia, Twitter, Facebook and others

I’m presenting a tweak that is very usefull and which was made by iMast777.


With this tweak you can search in multiple differents websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Baidu, eBay, Google, YouTube and Cydia.

If you search in any website, it will open in Safari, but if you search in Cydia, it will open in the Cydia app.







You can purshase ActiSearch on the ModMyi repo on Cydia for only 0.99$.

Isbf97 Theme : Kik Messenger Theme

Here is the last theme made by isbf97 that I present for the moment. With this theme, you can change the color of the Kik Messenger application. There’s some different color.

So here are some screenshots of Kik Messenger Theme :



You can download this in Cydia (not availible for the moment, but it will be soon). Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @isbf97 for news about his themes :) .

Isbf97 theme : Label Sizes & Colors Theme

Here is an other theme made by isbf97. With this one, you can change the color and the size of your labels on your SpringBoard. There’s little, normal and big size, but the big size doesn’t work very well on the iPhone (this theme works with all iDevices).

So here are some screenshots of Label Sizes & Colors Themes :



You can download this in Cydia. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @isbf97 for news about his themes πŸ™‚ .

Isbf97 theme : Color Messages WhatsApp Theme

Now I’m going to present you another theme made by isbf97. This theme is very interesting and there’s a lot of different colors.

With this theme, you can change the color of the WhatsApp messages. You can put the same color for received/sent or two different colors.

Here are some screenshots of Color Messages WhatsApp Theme :






You can download this on Cydia. Don’t forget to follow him on Twitter @isbf97 to have some news about his themes πŸ™‚ .