i0n1c is back on jailbreak scene

The hacker i0n1c, named Stefan Esser, is back on the jailbreak scene. He tweeted a link of his blog to say that he’s back.

He worked on the jailbreak for iOs 4.3.1, 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. He said that maybe a paid jailbreak would be better, but we didn’t heard about this again.

After two years of not blogging and spending way to much time on Twitter, I decided it is time to return to blogging. In the coming next week I will start with several new postings about various iOs kernel exploitation topics, discuss some of my private bugs and techniques that Apple has killed with the iOs 6 update, will discuss some of the new security features and will also drop an iOs 6 kernel 0-day in the near future. So stay tuned…

That’s what he said on his blog.