Why I wasn’t active and a new proposition

Hello to all the people who will read this article.

As you can see, I haven’t been much active these last months. I had a lot of work and others stuffs to do. Now I have a bit more time but I still can’t post daily articles.

I just make a proposition to anyone who could be interessted in it. You can choose a subject, about informatic in general, and I’ll try to post an article about it. I think I can make one article every week, so I ask one theme per week.

If you’re interessted, you can contact me on Twitter (@DevSk0re) or by email : sk0re.dev@gmail.com

I hope some of you will propose something, that would be great :).


My website is no longer online (updated)

Just a little article to say that my website is now online. It’s not a perfect website, but just something I made. Please send me feedback 🙂 .


Edit : my website isn’t online anymore, I’ll check why as soon as possible 🙂 .

My Cydia repo is online


I talked about it on my Twitter account and it’s done. My Cydia repo is online. You’ll find all my packages on it and maybe some packages of others developers who contact me to upload their tweaks.

For the moment, there’s only one “theme”, it just changes the color of your icon labels, and another package for the repo icons. Some others will be added, I just need time to learn Objective-C and making iPhone tweaks :).

Feel free to add it to your sources:

If you have any problem with it, don’t hesitate to contact me.