Tweak concept : Safari Multi Pages

So I have got some tweaks ideas, but I don’t have any knowledge in Objective-c, so I hope a Cydia developer will see this and develop it 🙂 .

So what is the concept? When you use a web browser, you can open some tabs. It’s cool, but when you search separate things, on the computer you can open 2 or more pages with some tabs in each of them. I wish you can do this with Safari, so I had this tweak idea. I named it Safari Multi Pages.

Here is a screenshot of how it can look like :



If someone wants to develop this, just send me a tweet (@DevSk0re) to say or send me an email ( so I just know 🙂 .


Task/Staff Manager Advancements

My project of a task and staff manager to use offline advance but is not finished. I think it won’t be long before I release it, but wait :).


I have to build my website before I put the program on the web so wait and see.

I have two others programs that are ready to be released, a temperature converter and a timer to know how much time you passed on the computer.