Tweak concept : Safari Multi Pages

So I have got some tweaks ideas, but I don’t have any knowledge in Objective-c, so I hope a Cydia developer will see this and develop it 🙂 .

So what is the concept? When you use a web browser, you can open some tabs. It’s cool, but when you search separate things, on the computer you can open 2 or more pages with some tabs in each of them. I wish you can do this with Safari, so I had this tweak idea. I named it Safari Multi Pages.

Here is a screenshot of how it can look like :



If someone wants to develop this, just send me a tweet (@DevSk0re) to say or send me an email ( so I just know 🙂 .


My website is no longer online (updated)

Just a little article to say that my website is now online. It’s not a perfect website, but just something I made. Please send me feedback 🙂 .

Edit : my website isn’t online anymore, I’ll check why as soon as possible 🙂 .

The DM Team

So I’ve a new team and a new project. I made a team with a friend and the name of our group is “DM Team”.

We love developping and so we made this little team just to work with each other and to enjoy the development. We will make a website and after that some programs. We haven’t got the same knowledge in the programming language, but we will try to do some cool stuf.

You can find our blog here :
DM Team’s Blog

And you can follow us on Twitter :

New packages on my repo

I’m learning how to make iPhone tweak and I’ve done some that changes the color of the screenshot. There is no option to configure, just install and enjoy it :).


Flash Colors :

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Others colors will be added.


Feel free to add my repo to your Cydia sources :

Follow me on Twitter : @DevSk0re

Task/Staff Manager Advancements

My project of a task and staff manager to use offline advance but is not finished. I think it won’t be long before I release it, but wait :).


I have to build my website before I put the program on the web so wait and see.

I have two others programs that are ready to be released, a temperature converter and a timer to know how much time you passed on the computer.