Presentation of your themes/tweaks

Hello to all of you. I have a new proposition for you. If you want that I present one of your theme or one of your tweak, you can send me an email ( or send me a tweet (@DevSk0re). If you already have screenshots, it’s easier for me.

Feel free to ask 🙂 .


RedPois0n, a fake jailbreak on internet

The untethered jailbreak hasn’t been released yet for the iOs 6. A fake untehtered jailbreak with a programm called RedPois0n is on internet. For the moment, there’s only a tethered jailbreak, but only for the A4 chips (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G).

You can see on the image they madeit written “By Chrnic Dev Team”. There’s the Chronic Dev Team and they work on the jailbreak, but no Chrnic Dev Team. They have also made a video to show that it works, but be careful, it doesn’t work!

The video has been removed from Dailymotion, that’s a good thing.

The download links of this programm ask you some informations about your Facebook acount, so there can be a lot of virus.

So wait for an official untethered jailbreak. For more informations you can follow me on Twitter (@DevSk0re) and follow Chpwn (@chpwn who is working on the jailbreak).

ObjectScript, new programming language

You know that there’s a lot of programming languages, like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and lot of others.

Here is a new programming language :

The name is a mix between Object, because it’s a object oriented language and Script.

In the description of this new language, they say the syntax looks like Java. Here is a snippet of a code.

// this file saved as if-else-3.os

if( x >;; y )
if( c <;; d )

The syntax isn’t the same as Java, but it pretty looks like. Here is another snippet.

// this file saved as for.os

var arr = [];

for( var i=0; i<;;10; i++ )
arr[i] = i;

var sum = 0;
for( var item : arr )
sum += item;

The declaration of a variable is the same as JavaScript, so people who know these languages (Java and JavaScript) may be able to understand ObjectScript easier and faster as those who doesn’t know.

You can find some others informations on their website. So go and see, don’t hesitate to let a feedback of this new programming language.

A faster way to refresh your Cydia sources

Cydia refreshes your sources too slowly? Then you can try an useful package: AptGUI. This package is based on apt-cache, apt-get and dpkg. This was developed by Philippe97  and works great.

Just open it, it will refresh your sources fast and then you can go in Cydia and download the new packages or updates.

This package is on his repo: and it’s free :).

Try it, use it.