A new project, my website

I’ve a new project. I want to do my website in HTML and CSS. I’ve begin to code this, but it’s not finished at all. I just post one photo and feel free to comment and say if it’s really horrible. Thank’s 🙂 .

DevSk0re's website


MultiApp, another project

MultiCore.fr hasn’t got any application, so I am developing this app for iPhone and iPod. This is just HTML and CSS files that show the mobile version, but it’s faster than going with Safari.

If you wan’t to help me or to contribute to the project, please contact me 🙂




First Project

I will present you my first project. I will develop a “task manager” for your website/forum. You will be able to enter the name of the member and what he has for a project. There will be others stuffs.

This will be an offline programm, you will just be able to know or remembers these things in case you don’t have an internet connection.