Continue in iOs jailbreak development

I’ve made three posts that explains you how to begin in iOs jailbreak development and I gave you some code to do basics tweaks. If you want to continue and go further, you can go and see some other source code. There’s a website where you can find a lot of source code, this is TweakWeek.

To see the source code, just click on one tweak and you’ll be on GitHub. Then click on the Tweak.xm file and you’ll have the source code 🙂 .

You can find the source code of some tweak of the french developer M_Vincent_M on his website :

I hope that it had helped you.


New packages on my repo

I’m learning how to make iPhone tweak and I’ve done some that changes the color of the screenshot. There is no option to configure, just install and enjoy it :).


Flash Colors :

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Others colors will be added.


Feel free to add my repo to your Cydia sources :

Follow me on Twitter : @DevSk0re

My Cydia repo is online


I talked about it on my Twitter account and it’s done. My Cydia repo is online. You’ll find all my packages on it and maybe some packages of others developers who contact me to upload their tweaks.

For the moment, there’s only one “theme”, it just changes the color of your icon labels, and another package for the repo icons. Some others will be added, I just need time to learn Objective-C and making iPhone tweaks :).

Feel free to add it to your sources:

If you have any problem with it, don’t hesitate to contact me.