MobileTerminal, some commands

You have a jailbroken iDevice and you have MobileTerminal installed on it? So read this post to learn (if you don’t already know what I’ll explain) some things that are important when you use MobileTerminal.




If you want to download it, you can download here.

Once you’ve downloaded it, you can put it in the autoinstall folder of Cydia or put it in a random folder and install it via iFile (if you have it).

Now you’re ready to use MobileTerminal. The first thing to do is to change the root password. So type :

su  or  su root

Then, type the default password : alpine (you won’t see what you type, it’s normal).

To change this password, type passwd . Now type your new password and you have to retype it. Now you’ve changed it.

We will see some commands.

killall Terminal : it closes the Terminal app.
killall SpringBoard or respring : it does a respring.
reboot : it does a reboot.
help : it shows you some help.
dir : it lists the directory files.
cd or cd ~ : it goes to the home directory.
cd /directory name : it goes to the directory name you type.
apt-get update : it updates the Cydia packages (like in Cydia).
apt-get upgrade cydia : it installs any upgrade that is availible for you packages on Cydia.
apt-get install cydia : it installs the latest version of Cydia if it isn’t installed.
apt-get autoclean : it cleans up files if it’s needed.
apt-get autoremove : it removes unused or broken files.
apt-get -fix-missing : it checks if there’s some files missing and it fixes it.
dpkg -list>packages.txt : it creates a list of the installed packages in Cydia.
dpkg -i packageID : it installs .deb files (you have to change packageID with the name of the package you have).
dpkg -r pacakgeID : it uninstalls a .deb file installed (you have to change packageID with the name of the package you want to uninstall).

I will make at least one other post about MobileTerminal as soon as possible 🙂 .


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