JsAnywhere, a little app to code in JavaScript

So today I’m going to present you an app with which you can program and run in JavaScript.


What’s different between this app and Buffer Editor?
In Buffer Editor, it has the colors for the instructions, but you can’t run the code. Here in JsAnywhere, you can do your little webpage (you can mannage the HTML and CSS) and run the code. You can’t use all the features (like the instruction “prompt”, it doesn’t work).

So you can download this app and the when you open it, you’ll have something like this (or no project). To create one, just tap the top right button with a “+”.




When you want to load a project, just tap on it and it will be oppened. Now you can see that there’s a default JavaScript file, a default HTML page and a default CSS file. You can change what you want in them.



So here I just changed the code to have an alert with “35”. I’ve also changed a little bit the HTML page ().


Now when you tap the little button “Run” (just after the “CSS” button), the program will show an alert with “35”, and you’ve done it :).

You can change some settings in the native Settings app.


Note : the instruction prompt("What you want"); doesn’t work in this app.
You have to type “Javascript Anywhere” in the AppStore to find this app.

The real advantage of this app is that you can run your code and see if it works. It’s also a free app.

The inconveniences of the app are that there isn’t any colors and that there’s some advertising on it (that’s why I put my iPhone in airplane mode).

Enjoy it and put your feedback here :). If you have any tip or so, share them here too.

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