Begin in iOs jailbreak development on your iDevice 1

You want to begin in iOs jailbreak but you don’t know how? You want to make tweaks and jailbreak apps? You want to do all this things but you don’t have a Mac? So here’s the right place to begin.

Before beginning to read this post, you have to know that it’s better (and recommended) to have a good knowledge in Objective-C if you want to do better tweaks. But you will learn by yourslef too.

Required :

  • A jailbroken iDevice
  • MobileTerminal installed on it
  • iFile installed on it
  • Theos installed on it (tutorial here).
  • Knowledge in Objective-c

Now that you have all these things on your iDevice, we can start.

Now open the MobileTerminal app.
Type : su
Type your ssh password (default password is “alpine” wihtout the “).
Touch the “return” button.
Type : $THEOS/bin/
Touch the “return” button.
Now you have to choose what you want to do. In this tutorial we will do a little tweak.
Type : choose phone/tweak (put the number that is between the [ ] )
Touch the “return” button.
Now you choose a project name (BlueFlash for example).
Now the package name (com.devsk0re.blueflash, but you can put your dev name or what you want, but in this form extension.whatyouwant.yourtweakname).
Now you enter the maintainer name (you).
Now type
Your tweak is ready to be written.

Close the MobileTerminal application and open iFile. Go into this directory :
There’s some file. Go into the file called “Tweak.xm”.
Remove all what’s written in it.

Now copy this in the file :

%hook SBScreenFlash

-(void)flashColor:(UIColor*)color {
%orig([UIColor blueColor]);


After this, save and close the file “Tweak.xm” and open the file “MakeFile”. If all was done right, you should have the following lines :

inclue theos/makefile/

TWEAK_NAME = BlueFlash (if you put an other name, there will be the name you choose)
BlueFlash_FILES = Tweak.xm

include $(THEOS_MAKE_PATH)/

Add the following line after BlueFlash_FILES = Tweak.xm :


Now save the file and go into MobileTerminal. Type “su”, your password and then type :
cd your_folder_name
(You can see your folder name in iFile)

Then type :
make package install

Press the “return” button and wait, it will respring and you will have a blue flash for the screenshot instead of white.


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