New packages on my repo

I’m learning how to make iPhone tweak and I’ve done some that changes the color of the screenshot. There is no option to configure, just install and enjoy it :).


Flash Colors :

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow

Others colors will be added.


Feel free to add my repo to your Cydia sources :

Follow me on Twitter : @DevSk0re


ObjectScript, new programming language

You know that there’s a lot of programming languages, like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C and lot of others.

Here is a new programming language :

The name is a mix between Object, because it’s a object oriented language and Script.

In the description of this new language, they say the syntax looks like Java. Here is a snippet of a code.

// this file saved as if-else-3.os

if( x >;; y )
if( c <;; d )

The syntax isn’t the same as Java, but it pretty looks like. Here is another snippet.

// this file saved as for.os

var arr = [];

for( var i=0; i<;;10; i++ )
arr[i] = i;

var sum = 0;
for( var item : arr )
sum += item;

The declaration of a variable is the same as JavaScript, so people who know these languages (Java and JavaScript) may be able to understand ObjectScript easier and faster as those who doesn’t know.

You can find some others informations on their website. So go and see, don’t hesitate to let a feedback of this new programming language.

Pod2g and iOs 6 jailbreak

The iOs 6 has been released few days ago and everyone want an untethered jailbreak. Pod2g had worked on the iOs 5 untethered jailbreak and he had done it.

The iPhone 5 has been jailbroken by Chpwn, but there’s for the moment no public release.

Pod2g said on his Twitter that he isn’t working on the iOs 6 untethered jailbreak because of his job.


He will be at the WWJC and said that he maybe would give some ideas but he doesn’t know if he will give some ideas.

Hope that the untethered jailbreak will come as fast as possible.

Tweaks that works on iOs 6

The iOs 6 can be jailbroken in tethered mode. So a lot of people want to jailbreak thier iDevice and they want to install some tweaks. But at the moment, there’s only some tweaks that are compatibles with the iOs 6, here is the list:

  • 140plus for Twitter
  • 20 Second Lockscreen
  • 3DEnabler
  • 3G Unrestrictor
  • AccountChanger
  • ActionBoard
  • Activator
  • AdBlocker
  • Aicon
  • AllMail
  • Android Delete
  • AndroidLoader
  • AnimateBattery
  • AnyRing
  • AppCent
  • AppInfo
  • AppList
  • BackToDeb
  • Barrel
  • Bars
  • BytaFont
  • BrowserChanger
  • ColoredKnob
  • Copic
  • Custom NC Background
  • Custom NoNewsLabel
  • Cyntact
  • Dashboard X
  • Display Recorder
  • Fake Operator
  • Folderenhancer
  • GridTab for Safari
  • iFile
  • iSHSHit
  • LibstatusbarData
  • Lockscreen Clock Hide
  • Mobile Substrate
  • MobileTerminal
  • MountainCenter
  • MyFile
  • OpenSSH
  • PreferenceLoader
  • Reveal
  • SBSettings
  • SlideMyName
  • Slider Pro
  • StartDial
  • Substrate Safe Mode
  • SwitcherCleaner
  • TweetbotRotator
  • WinterBoard
  • xBackup
  • Zephyr

A faster way to refresh your Cydia sources

Cydia refreshes your sources too slowly? Then you can try an useful package: AptGUI. This package is based on apt-cache, apt-get and dpkg. This was developed by Philippe97  and works great.

Just open it, it will refresh your sources fast and then you can go in Cydia and download the new packages or updates.

This package is on his repo: and it’s free :).

Try it, use it.